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                         March 2022 Release Date

I​ Think It's Tim​e To Clean the Gutters

by Alphonso Lewis, LCPC

A Powerful Tool for Addressing Communication Issues 

In his first book, Alphonso Lewis uses humor, professional expertise, spiritual wisdom and personal insight to help readers improve their communication skills and the health of their relationships. Pre-order today and be among the first to receive your copy. 


Pre-ordered books are scheduled to ship in March 2022 when the book is in stock. However, due to Covid-19,  pre-order​ stock dates cannot be guaranteed. Every effort will be made to have products ready for shipping in March 2022.  By purchasing a pre-sale item, you acknowledge and accept these conditions. 

Paperback Book: $14.95

(Add $3.00 at checkout if you would like your book shipped to you via USPS).

About the Author

Alphonso Lewis, LCPC

Alphonso Lewis has counseled hundreds of couples and has studied human behavior for over 25 years. He has dedicated his life to the healing, empowering and strengthening of his clients. Lewis' insight and expertise is sought by individuals, groups, churches, corporations and state agencies throughout the United States and Canada.   

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